Paddle Insurance - What is it and why might it be needed?

Insurance covers your boat, your paddling gear and you whilst you're using them. 

If you are paddling the Great Glen Canoe Trail as part of a holiday it is unlikely that your holiday insurance provides cover - be sure to check with your provider.

Personal Liability Insurance (Third Party)

No paddler sets out deliberately to cause injury or damage by colliding with another paddler or boater (or anything else!) when out on the water or even portaging but inevitably these things can sometimes happen and you could be held personally liable.

Luckily in Britain the sport's governing bodies - Canoe England, the Scottish Canoe Association, the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and the Welsh Canoe Union- all offer liability insurance as a benefit of membership. You can find out more about joining the organisations here

 Boat / Equipment Insurance

Boats and other paddling gear are often expensive pieces of kit and are unlikely to be covered by your house and contents insurance. There are several UK insurance companies who offer boat and equipment insurance - it's easy to find them through a quick internet search. Membership of the sport's governing bodies often offers discounts on this insurance.

Trail Map

Trail Guide Map

map of scotland showing the trail

60 miles in 5 days

It is an epic 60 mile (95km) journey crossing Scotland in 5 days and conquering the formidable open waters of Loch Lochy and Loch Ness, a challenge in itself.

From South to North

It is normally easier to paddle the Trail from Fort William in the west to Inverness in the east with the prevailing wind behind you.

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